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to you to leave the kakemono in my possession until after I return to Detroit, in order that I may then examine it very carefully. If I find the kakemono meets my expectations, I will keep it, and remit to you either direct to Japan or through Mr. Hull, as you may prefer. On the other hand, if the kakemono does not please me, I will return it to the Lincoln Trust Company for storage until you return next fall.

A rush of many matters compells me to send you this dictated letter, which, I am sure, you will pardon.

Again wishing you a very delightful summer, and with kind regards, I remain,

Yours very cordially,
Charles L. Freer

Prof. E. F. Fenollosa,
#419 W. 118th Street,
New York City.

I am greatly obliged for the boxes for the kakemono. They came in perfect condition.