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than you will if you say that we actually agreed to lend the paintings, unconditional.

Now, concerning the Whistler panel. Don't you think it would be a great mistake to hang the etchings and paintings together? I have seen it tried several times, but always with very bad results. If you decide to show some of Mr. Whistler's etchings and lithographs, which, I am sure, is a capital scheme, please separate them from the paintings. Howard Mansfield got up the exhibition of Mr. Whistler's etchings, held in Chicago in '93, and it was splendidly done, and represented his etched work most charmingly. The prints shown were selected by Mr. Whistler. He sent a sketch showing the manner in which he wanted then arranged, and all this Mr. Mansfield supervised and had put on a screen-shaped structure, which was delightfully placed so that the etchings could be seen by themselves without interfering with others. The exhibit was a great success, and, I am sure, was much appreciated by Art lovers and art students. Why not get Mansfield to do as well for you? 

I saw Dewing for a moment yesterday showed him your letter if the 13th inst, and talked with him about a panel to contain both etchings and paintings, and he agrees perfectly with