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#33 Ferry Avenue,
Detroit, Mich.,
April 18th, 1901.

William Arnold, Esq.,
#240 Fifth Avenue,
New York City.

Dear Sir:--

About a year ago, you made for me one pair of Oxford patent leather shoes, #23588. I wish you would make me a pair in the same shape, size and style, but of tan color calf skin with rubber soles and heels, for wear on board ship, keeping the heels and soles of practically the same height as the patent leather shoes. I would also like toe-tips, the same as you have given to all of the shoes you have recently made for me. I would like the weight of the calf skin very light. 

Let me know, please, if you can make and forward these shoes to me at Detroit on or before May 10th, and oblige,

Yours very truly,

Charles L Freer