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#33 Ferry Avenue
Detroit, Michigan,
April 19th, 1901.

Dear Mr. Fenollosa:--

Your kind letter of April 6th reached me while I was in the Berkshires and in accordance therewith I am writing you today in care of the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, hoping that my letter will reach you ere you sail for Japan.

I have enjoyed excellent opportunities during the last two days to study the kakemono by Gonku, and have found in it a great deal to admire, but the drawing and painting of the head of the tiger, particularly the left eye and the lines of the mouth impress me most unfavorably. I am not very fond of animals in art, and it may be a weakness on my part to allow myself to be displeased by minor things. Of course, imperfections can be found in every work of art, but my experience proves that defects of the kind mentioned, when so apparent, rob the picture of the charm I hope to get from things added to my collection. 

I am much indebted to you for permitting me to keep the kakemono so long, and I hope you have not been inconvenienced thereby. I will forward the kakemono to the Lincoln Storage Warehouse, with a letter to the Manager, requesting him to put it with your trunks there stored.