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#33 Perry Avenue, 
Detroit, Michican, April 19th, 1901

Dear Mr. Coffin:-

I have your good letter of the 17th instant, and I think that if I had given a little deeper thought to your earlier letter I would have known that you could not have possibly ever seriously though of hanging etchings along with oil paintings. I think that excessive interest on the part of both Dewing and myself led us into paths of fear.
Many thanks for your instructions concerning the shipping of pictures. Both Col. Hecker and I will be governed accordingly. 

In looking over the list of pictures to be sent, I find that I am in some little confusion concerning Tryon's landscape entitled "The Rising Moon." Mr. Curren asked me to loan it and, of course, I consented, but I do not find it included in the lot Tryon sent me as his list. Of course, if you want it, you are welcome to it, but perhaps it would be wiser for yourself and Mr. Tryon to reach an understanding about it. 

Don't work too hard and take the best care of yourself possible.

Yours very cordially,
Charles L. Freer

W. A. Coffin, Esqu., 
#820 Ellicott Sq., Buffalo, N.Y. 
Charle Kelreef

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(The cursive needs to be added as well)