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in 1880 and it was reported that tens of thousands of mourners attended his funeral, which is really just a testament to his popularity, locally and nationally.

His reputation was so well known that Mark Twain based his character, The King, in Huck Finn on the Emperor.

As I said before, Norton was one of the first California eccentrics and he shows that the West attracted a diversity of backgrounds.

The West was perceived as a land of great opportunities where you could literally reinvent yourself, as Norton did.

A- an obituary in the Chicago Tribune, I thought sort of summarized Norton very nicely and they said "indeed there seems so much method in his madness that it was at times difficult to realize that he was not of sound mind".

Thanks for coming to my Face-to-Face talk and please stay tuned for next week's Face-to-Face which will be given by Franklin Odo who will speak about the Daguerreotype "Seated Man with Chinese Servant".

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