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[[Inaudibile Murmur between the crowd]]

{SPEAKER name="Uknown Speaker"}
How to power concedes nothing without the man. Never will and never will. So go for it.
And he talks about you cannot have lightning without the thunder.

{SPEAKER name="Unknown Spekaer2"}
Would you say he's a freeman generally speaking a shrewd or focused manager of his image? You mention that he liked to be portrayed smiling.

{SPEAKER name="Shoshi Weiss"}
Yes, he was, uh, that one of the reasons why he liked photographs. Because he was able to pose himself to arrange his expressions the way he wanted. And he did have certain images that, of himself, that he liked the best one. The famous ones of his face and profile. When he's older, kind of looking off in the distance. So we actually have that image at the home. But he was very careful about that because he said himself that the picture is part of the message. Like the frontispiece illustration in his narrative, that's part of the story. People need to know they're not just reading any story about any escaped slave. It's a story about one man. It's a story about Frederick Douglass.

{SPEAKER name="Unknown Spekaer2"}
Do you know why he choose to, uh, move to Anacostia when he did? Why there?

{SPEAKER name="Shoshi Weiss"}
So, he had moved, he was living, after he escaped slavery, he was living in upstate New York for long while. And then in 1872, his house in Rochester burned down, so he moved to the D.C area because he was involved in the new national area, a newspaper in the city, and then he moved out to Anacostia about 5 years later in 1877. And part of that was just cause he wanted a bigger home, but um...

{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1]
If you go through his house, he doesn't have just portraits up on his house, he also has landscapes. We get this gorgeous beautiful view of the D.C area from the house, so we think maybe he likes landscapes. Also as you talking about here he understands the power of portraiture, because he understands the power of symbols, and he sees himself often as --

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