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{SPEAKER name="Speaker1"}
So Okay you can put it to rest.
[[Crowd Laughter]]

{SPEAKER name="Main Speaker"}
So ... We- What we can say for sure. Is that Mr. Douglas was a big man. He's over six feet tall and over 200 pounds.

{SPEAKER name="Main Speaker"}

And - I... Ladies. He's a Good looking guy, right? You know. And he's powerful. and he's also eloquent. He has moved a nation to end slavery.

{SPEAKER name="Main Speaker"}
So this guy has got a way with words. So we can say for sure that women like Fredrick Douglas

{SPEAKER name="Main Speaker"}
That there's there no doubt that women like Frederick Douglas. What he did in his spare time. That is something that there is debate over. There is debate over that.

{SPEAKER name="Speaker1"}
I really don't really want to know.
[[Crowd murmur]]

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Well thank you very much for coming.

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