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| Preston A.W. Maj. & A.A.A.G. 22 | Endorsement on communication from James Mc Amis, Mayor of Corinth sending the finding of the Justices Court at Rienzi Miss in the case of one Barker, tried for killing two negroes- M-5-F.B.D.C-1866. Bureau Refuges Freedmen &c Office Sub Commissioner Columbus Miss July 28th 1866 Respectfully to Bvt Major A.W. Preston A.D.C & A.A.A. Genl Bu R F & A.L. for State of Miss, for his information. Geo. S. Smith Capt Bvt Major Sub Comr |

|    | Endorsement on communication from Rev J.H. Aughey concerning his property in Mississippi. and requesting assistance to enable him to recover the same. A.3.F.B.D.C. 1866 War Department, Bureau Refugees Freedmen & A.L. Washington July 21st 1866 Respectfully referred to Maj Gen. T J Wood. Comdg  Dept of Miss Asst. Comr. to know if any thing can be done for this Gentleman who appears to have been a loyal man By Order of Maj Genl O.O. Howard Commissioner Sd J. Alton Fladen U.S.A. Lieut & A.D.C. Private Secretary |

| Sub-Com'r Grenada 23 | Head Qrs. Dept of Miss Bureau R.F & A. L. Vicksburg  July 28th 1866 Respectfully referred to Maj Geo S Smith Sub Commissioner Dist of Columbus who will investigate and report in this case. If possible to get track of any of the property, this fact, and its whereabouts, will be noted By Order of Maj Gen'l Th. J. Wood Sd A. W. Preston A.A.A.G. Bureau R.F. and A L Office Sub Commissioner Columbus Miss Aug 2d 1866 Respectfully referred to Sub Comr Bu R. F. and A L Dist of Grenada Miss as coming within his jurisdiction except as much as relates to the building at Rienzi Tishamingo County Geo. S. Smith Capt & Bvt Major Sub Comr |

|    | Continuation of endorsement on communication of Lieut Fielding Neale Sub Comr Dist of Vicksburg forwarding Affidavit of Hal Burgess relative to assault upon him by Col Helvesteen of Saltillo  W-21-F.B.D.C. 1866. Head Qrs Dept of Miss Bureau Refugees Freedmen &c Vicksburg July 31st 1866 |