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| Preston A.W
30 | Bureau Refuges Freedmen & A L
Office Sub Commissioner
Columbus Miss Aug 27th 66

Respectfully returned to Major A.W. Preston, A A A.G, with the information that the Cold people express a willingness to defray the expense of some one to accompany this cripple. As regards a Surgeons Certificate none can be obtained here unless from a Private Physician, as there is neither Surgeon of the Bureau or City Physician here

Geo. S. Smith
Capt & Bvt Major
Sub Comr |

|   | Endorsement on communication from Sub Comr. Dist of Columbus.
W. 36. F.B.D.C, 1866.
Head Quarters Dept of Miss
Bureau Refugees & Freedmen
Vicksburg Augt 22d 1866

Respectfully returned. The Asst. Commissioner does not consider these reports sufficient basis upon which to make investigation. They are not of sufficient importance to the county or to Maj Smith to require further Official notice

The very small number of Officers, and the already arduous duties they are required to perform in the Department also, prevents the calling of Boards in such cases
By Order of Maj Genl Th J. Wood
Sd A W. Preston
A A A G |

|   | Continuation of an endorsement on a communication from J.S. Carn, of Okolona enquiring if a Contact of Physician for that place will be employed by the Freedmens Bureau.

Head Quarters Dist Miss
Bureau Refugees Freedman &c
Vicksburg August 24th 66. 

C. 3. F.B.D.C 1866.

Respectfully returned to Maj Smith to know if there is any necessity existing for the hiring of a Surgeon. If cases of sickness or disability come to the notice of the Sub Commissioner, he can have them sent to Lauderdale Hospital where every convenience in the possession of the Bureau is kept. The abuse likely to arise in hiring Surgeons has decided the Asst Commissioner to refrain from employing except for the established hospitals, under extraordinary necessity should exist.

Enclosed are copies of orders which may guide Sub Comr's in similar requests 
By Order of Maj Gen Wood
Sd A.W. Preston
A A A General |

| Preston A.W. 
A.A.A.G. 27/31 | Bureau Refugees Freedmen & A.L
Office Sub Commissioner
Columbus Miss Aug 28th/66

Respectfully returned to Major A W. Preston A.A.A.G. I Know of no necessity for employing a Surgeon in this instance

Geo. S. Smith
Capt & Bvt Major
Sub Comr |

Transcription Notes:
changing "F.B.D.O." to "F.B.D.C." on multiple pages "Sd" is an abbrev. for "signed."