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Saturday June 15. 1872.

Maurice and Sara went down to New Paltz to visit at Mr. Ettinges. It was a perfect day, the color of the landscape rich and full, no wind but heavy motionless clouds so disposed in the sky as only to add to the feeling of quiet. My father & mother, Gertrude and I took a ride to Leggs Mill and came back by the Red House where we stopped a moment and then home having enjoyed a delightful afternoon. We received a letter from Gussie and during the week one came for her from Lucy which we read and were glad to find that she finds their camp pleasanter than she did at first. I expected Vaux each night and went to meet him at the ferry on his return from Church's but Girard who came up this evening said he was obliged to return home. I received a letter from Mr. Fairbanks from Chicago where mine had been forwarded to him saying before deciding on the "Venice" he would like to see it again and instructing me to write him in New York if he could get access to my room.

Saturday 16th - I wrote a long letter to Gussie today, enclosed Lucy's to her. I also wrote to church in answer to a letter from him on June 8th and to Mr. Fairbanks about the notice of my picture from the London Times of May 27th. He and his wife saw it at my rooms before it left for England and Mrs. F. liked it and I think would have liked to buy it if it had been for sale.

Monday 17th - Nett' Sterling came this evening by the Powell to make Sara a visit.

Tuesday 18th - I had one of my old fashioned head-aches today, the first one since before I was sick. Nett. sang in the parlor in the evening. She seems thoroughly artistic and has a proper estimate of an artists obligations. Dresses simply is uncoventional, likes recognition and thinks more of art than money. I received a letter from Downing written on Sunday the day after he reached Lake Placid.