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occupied and I find I cannot occupy myself here. I should like to go up into the mountains for September and October but really I do not see my way clear to accomplishing it until I can finish Mr. Dorman's picture and get the money for it which I shall try to do. Janette Holland came on Wednesday and she and Mary went to N.Y. yesterday with the Powell. Janette sails for Europe today in the Italy to be gone a year. I received a note from H.K. Brown explaining why he had not come up to go on our fishing excursion.

Monday July 8. I began Mr. Dorman's picture today a variation of the little view on "Spruce Creek" with the fallen leaves (size 20x24) while I was at work on it I received a letter from him from North Hampton telling me he did not care for it before November. Charley Taylor began to cut the grass today. The summer seems to culminate with the shearing of the grass and the grain, and it saddens me to find that I am looking forward to this Autum. Some spirit of unrest and melancholy has hold of me and controls me against my will.

Tuesday, July 9. Painted all forenoon on Mr. Dormans picture. I cannot paint in the afternoon on account of the sun shining in the window but I find that if I get to work at 8 o'clock and work until 1, I am ready to stop. Received a letter from Currant in which he informs me that Mr. Fletcher Harper declares taking my sketch of the "Danger Signal" at my price of $300 and that he would like me to send him word when the picture is at my studio. I also received a letter from Maj