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much and I have a feeling that they will not be children many years. I think my father was very sorry to have them go and will feel lonely without. I couldn't help a feeling that Burger and Durning as they grow older lack for entertainment and amusement here some times and that they feel it dull  I should regret to have them feel so for then I am afraid they would not come here, and I have always wished I were able to amuse and entertain them. How delighted I would have been if one of them had developed artistic proclivities for them there would have been no end to the interest I could have awakened, but they do not seem inclined that way.

Thursday we had set apart for cleaning our room before we go to the mountains, but when we awoke it was raining hard. However it gave signs of cleaning about 10 o'clock so I pitched in and hustled the furniture out of the room, sent for Mrs. Saloff to help us and by six o clock the job was done. I was glad to have something to do for I felt depressed and when I am busy I escape this unhappy feeling. Today I have been packing some of my things for our trip to the mountains on Monday, gathering some apples and peaches and tinkering around generally. On some accounts I regret leaving home again, but I shall be so glad to be at work again. I hope I may get some suggestions for pictures up there so that I may get something commenced here after I come back and before I go to New York. I finished a letter to Alfred Booth today and shall send it.

Sunday Oct. 20. We left for the mountains Monday Sept. 16 and returned Wednesday Oct. 16 having been gone a little over four weeks. We staid at the Laurel House as last year. Vaux came up and spent a couple of weeks and Mary and Mrs. Newell spent a week. Vaux's missus called him home sooner than he had hoped and he left with regret. I think he very much needed rest and recreation. Gifford came after we had been there some time and Mary Gifford and Sallie Wilkinson also came for a couple of weeks and remained.

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*amusement *would *come *o'clock