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on color before the Brooklyn Art association.

It has rained today and I have painted on my Paire Tree picture changing the tone of it. I had a number of callers.  Mr. Nobel, Weir, Whittredge and others.  This evening directly after dinner I went up to see Kensett who I heard was ill.  I was greatly alarmed to find he is seriously ill with Pneumonia.  I could not see him but was told by Hicks that he is doing well.  He has Allopathy physicians but I was glad they had sent for Dr Otis in whom I have every confidence I could only offer my services and told them to call on me for any thing I could do

Saturday Nov. 16.  Mr Hoe came in yesterday morning and I made a trade with him giving him my picture of Venice and agreeing to paint him one like Mr. Chickerings picture for the picture of Kaatskill woods I sold him last spring and two hundred dollars.  I do not furnish frames for either.  I consider this a good trade for I exchange a picture I have had some time and not a salable subject for a picture which seemed to be very popular when it was first painted.

Rev. Mr Loomis a friend of the Bachelders spent the evening with us and talked about a house he is going to build  We were civil to him and his wife a few years ago and since then he seems to have adopted us.  Rouse was in today.  He has just returned from London and Paris where he went in August.  Whittredge gave Gertrude Lentzes portrait of me and today he brought it down to her.  

Friday Nov. 22.  Tuesday evening Larce dined with us.  Weir came in and wanted us to go to some theatre so we went to Bryants minstrels and were somewhat amused.  Wednesday evening I dined at Fitchs with Weir, H.K. Brown, Thompson, Gifford Hubbard & Whittredge  Last night my picture from England was delivered to me and with it a charge of $39.55.  I sat up with Kensett who is ill with pneumonia but not so ill as I was.  He is recovering rapidly.  Today I wrote to Mr Hamilton, to Gellstedt to return my Danger Signal, to Mr. Chickering that his picture was ready for him and to the people who brought my picture over that I considered their charge excessive.  Fitch called with Mrs. Salisbury and her sister who looked at all my   

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