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pictures with apparent interest.

Sunday Nov. 24, 1872. Friday Fitch invited Gifford and my wife and I to go and see Miss Nielson in Juliet at Brooks Theatre. Gifford invited us to drie in his room. It had rained all day but cleared off in the evening. Miss Nielson struck me as a good actress but by no means a genius. She was best in the quiet parts but was not good in the emotional passages. My picture is back from London and in my studio again and looks as well as ever to me. I have been repainting my "October in the Kaatskills" and have made as I think a fine picture of it. I repainted the landscape which I found made a different sky necessary and I succeeded in painting a very nice toned grey sky. Unfortunately the canvas was cracked by rolling it up to send it to me and the cracks show in the sky. It wouldnt trouble me but a purchaser might object to it. Eastman Johnson came in for a moment on friday evening having just got back to town from Nantucket. Gertrude and I went up to his house last evening and saw all his studies and pictures. He has been very industrious and has done many good things. Rouse was there, just returned from a short trip to Paris. He called on me one day last week. I took a walk down to the Battery today and wrote a letter afterwards to Maurice and a note to Mr. Z.M. North congratulating him on the safety of his son David who was supposed to have been lost on the Missouri.

Thursday Nov. 28. Thanksgiving day, and for the first time in many years spent away from home. Mary has invited us to dine with her. Mrs. Draper called yesterday and invited us to drive with her. We are to dine there, on Sunday with Gifford. I watched with Kensett last night. He slept nearly the whole night and is getting well fast. I wrote to Hamilton last week to come and see two pictures I have and told him I would abate somewhat from my pricing if he cared to buy. My letter reached him in the midst of the "North West" excitement in Wall St, but he wrote me he would call and see me as soon as he could find time. I have determined to sell my picture,