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in gold from me to go to Galveston with. He said he had a brother at Galveston he wanted to see. That his brother would come back with him. That his brother had money, & that his brother would make it all right with me for the money I had loaned & paid out. On Monday last William begged the Pistol back without paying the money for which it was pledged, but promised me a yoke of Steers, for what I had let him have. which last promises he has never complied with.

I went into the matter for William, as an Attorney, meaning to defend him before our courts just as I would a white man. I have defended him in two cases, have twice kept him from jail, have loaned him  Forty Dollars, & have made myself liable upon a bond of $300. for his faithful appearances at the District Court. He has his pistol, & it seems is likely to keep the Steers.
If some person will just substitute his name for mine upon The Bond I will take special pleasure in turning over the two horses.

I believe that William has little cause to complain of either his Attorney or the Courts.
D. L. McGary
Brenham Tex
Jany 10th 1867