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Communications of importance from me not answered, seemingly Pigeoned Holed without being read, either great neglect, apathy, or inattention shown by Subordinates at your Hd Quarters, As lengthy communications have been received by me Weeks after I have submitted the whole matter to you,
I earnestly request that you will call for my entire correspondence for the Months of December & January which will satisfy you that I have done my entire duty. I have repeatedly made requisitions for a Clerk to do the Machine work of this Office. as from Sixteen to Eighteen hours of each day are devoted to my Executive duties and in consequence it is utterly impossible for my to prepare the many Reports required at your Hd Quarters, 
If possible send me a Clerk to do the Machine WOrk, Brains I will attempt to furnish, and I think I am equal to the emergency.
The Rent of my Office & the Postal account for December has not been paid these little things are calculated to