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#915 Union Trust Building, 
Detroit, Michigan,
April 26th, 1904.


Dear Sam:-

The deposit of smoke coming from the chimneys of manufacturing and power institutions located near the Yondotega Club nearly ruined the shrubs of our little garden in their struggle for life during the first year of their planting. They are now beginning their second year under like unfortunate conditions, and, unless the smoke can be stopped soon, our garden will surely perish.

In a neighborly way, I have done my best with the principal offending concerns to get them to adopt simple measures to end the nuisance, and while one or two of them have shown a friendly and accommodating disposition, the Vinton Company and the Citizens Railway Company still shower their unholy smoke in great clouds upon our tender shrubs.

I have not appealed personally to the Citizens Railway because I felt that, the principal officers being Club members, they would eventually arise to the occasion without prompting, but seemingly they do not.

I have discussed the matter of smoke and its killing results very fully with Mr. Paul Bagley, hoping that at his suggestion