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of Col. Starrs command.  Henderson and duty have sent me information that I must defend myself, that I will be killed on sight, and as each of them have shot men down in the streets of Clarksville, they would not hesitate to execute this threat, I shall kill either or both if they dont get the drop on me, some of us must go up.
I expect Col Starr will withdraw his five men at the end of the month, in which case, I shall be obliged to fight it out on this line, It will not take all summer, things have culminated tho the father of Elisah Guest I have sent for his son to come and kill me as I arrested him old Guest in order to make him pay $150. due the widow of one of Elisha's victims.
It is pretty hard to be left alone nevertheless if the Q.M.D. will promise to send my body to Batavia New York I will remain and take my chance