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the shock.  No action taken by the Civil Authorities until after Barry's death.  when Lenny demanded an examination which ends the matter.  The following cases I obtained from the clerk of the County Court and Dist. Clerk.
Hugh Hones murdered a man named L.L. Bailey during Aug. 1867. now in jail at Mount Pleasant Texas.
John Lewallen killed a man named Roby in June 1866.
John Duty killed Mr Trimble 1865 
Maruch W Anderson killed Elias Miller during 1865.
John Ballard a Union man murdered in his dwelling murder autumn 1865.
Caroline a freedwoman killed six miles X east of Clarksville. murderer unknown
Two freedmen names unknown killed on the Sulphur, the buzzards ate them, no inquest was held.
J. Durham killed a freedman on Blossom Prairie 1866.
Elish Gust killed a freedman named

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Sulphur River