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which turn out never to have been his property.  A copy of the lien given on the aforesaid property I include to you 

Vide Appendise "A"

Having been notified by the authorities that he was in town today I immediately sent guards for him he endeavored to escape but they captured him, he then resisted, not being armed he drew a pocket knife on the guards, which they, immediately took away from him, and, notwithstanding his resistance, appeal for help and his friends, brought him to me.  I called upon him for the fine and he replied "I will die before I pay the d__d Bureau anything"  I then ordered him to jail.  He has the money and had it upon his person at the time of his arrest.

His character is that of a desperado, who has shot four men. He has no friends and is very much feared by his neighbors.

His attorney called upon me and demanded his release under General Hancock's orders describing the duties of Bureau Agents. I told him I desired an order