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Seguin Texas
20th April 1868

I believe the "Bureau Act" to be wise and beneficent and know from observation that it has been the most efficient means in defeating the brow-beating policy of the "Chivalry" towards Freedmen; and in disabusing them of those servile habits of soul and body imposed by a lifetime of servitude.  It is, then, but natural, that so long as a necessity exists which is contemplated by its provisions, I, and all others who would elevate the poor and oppressed, should invoke the aid of this instrumentality.  I have been the legal adviser of the five Sub Asst Agents who has had charge of this District and have resided in this place for seventeen years.  I know the people - and I tell you, Sir, there never has been a time when there was so great need for the protection and advice provided for the Freedmen by this Act.  In view of these facts, I most respectfully urge upon you the importance of appointing a Sub Asst Agent for this District; and beg to leave to say that I know no man who would discharge the duties of that office so faithfully and conscientiously, as my friend C.C. Raymond.

I am very respy &c
Henry Maney

J.P. Richardson
1st Lieut: 26th Inftry A.A.A.G.
Austin Texas