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in favor of Stanford Andrews: & placing (simply  .S.) for Samuel Eaton - to the firm of Hendly & Co of Galveston who were his own Commission Merchants. The said Firm of Hendly & Co sold these thirteen Bales of Cotton in the month of March last; as follows.
D.C.N.                8 Bales of Cotton.
[[S in Diamond Mark]] 460.445.445.420}
The net proceeds in Gold are $387.20.
D.C.N. 5 Bales Cotton
S. 510.410.485.464.4811=2349@15cts
Net Proceeds in Gold $255.78
The whole amount of Net Proceeds in Gold for the thirteen Bales is $642.98.
At the time the Cotton was received (it was in January last) by the said Hendly & Co the said firmly advanced the freedmen the sum of $200.00 in Gold, for which, they are entitled to be credited. therefore leaving still a balance in Gold, due of $442.98: