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Now the said D.C. Norwood in his own private accounts with the firm was considerably indebted to the firm; and Hendly & Co instead of forwarding to the freedmen the net proceeds of their Cotton or instead of paying the same to said D.C. Norwood to pay unto the Freedmen - has given D.C. Norwood credit for the same in the said Norwood's private a/c thereby defrauding the said Freedmen of their hard-earned wages for the year 1866.
The freedmen having applied to me to recover their money from D.C. Norwood, upon investigation [[strikethrough]]that[[/strikethrough]] I find that the above is correct the Bills of sales furnished to D.C. N show the above facts & the a/c of D.C. Norwood with Hendly & Co. shows that he is credited with $642.98, in his personal & private a/c with the said firm-
Enclosed you will find affidavits of W H Morris, D.C. Norwood, Stanford Andrews & Fayette Eaton - furthermore I