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7 Jan

FSW release plans

18-8 out in 11/18/80. 201 trng load in April 81
lacks PS 7,8

18-11 Flt 2 release. On street early April
202 trng load June 81
w/BFS 11.2 

STS-3 Basic due on street August

9 Jan 81
Thorsen Tag-up

Lousma wants early look @ Flt 3 : CAP, FTO's etc
standby for Feb timeframe

Gremillion, Coultos RI telecon on R19 OPS FSSR held this week
To publisher April; on street June
Jan 23: DDS-level review of OTT S/W. Shaw in sync

* McKenna, Harbaugh, Yealcey Ct, Su - Set up mtg to
work CR functional summary sheets.

16 Jan ASC FLT TECH = Cont Abort procedures

Harbaugh: Flt 2-4 Rota abort for 2SSME↓ prior to single engine press boundary. Thermal supposedly more benign then AOA - not clear backface T's considered. Est 600 wds for DAL S/W in R19, MC 1 Upgrades during cont abt to INTACT DAL