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9 Jan 81

HUD - pitch by Everline to Yardley on fact that HUD is
poss. wt saving deletion item on Flt 5. Yardley 
[[Strike Out]] didn't buy [[/Strike Out]] left it on the delete list.
Flt 5 ~Several 100# neg performance margin now.
Wt performance status summary mtg.
Bob says yardley seemed to link HUD w/SEATS 

RCS - Shelby Owen @ same mtg said RCS redesign optns 
to be reviewed ~April

12 Jan

FiTTs- IMU's at Sit
IMU 3 to be changed out-failing gyro drift
All Lev's subject to Thermal stability problems
6 day warm-up reg'd - but impossible
likely require in-flight GMEM cals
E & D have long-duration test data to supply cals.