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18-8 deficiencies

29612 Opposing RHC deflections
29737 Aft compt/oms pod AOA He purge
29798 SSME/OMS clearance problem
29817 MAT deflection limit (PCR40345)
29855 HPOTP overspeed at MECO
29915 SSME/OMS interface
29951 TACAN self-test timer (VU)
29548 Eng timer for thrust OK (I/L)
29776 RTLS OMS prop dump
29783 SRB sep back-up cue time I/L
29787 I/L OMS/RCS force fight
29797 LH2 dump via Fill u Drains
29855 HPOTP onesspeed @MECD
29878 IMU RM velocity threshold N-count
29879 Trans DAP RCS rate a aH deadband
29880 ET fast sep I/L
29883 MPS LO2 low-level cut-off delay
29889 Update for TACAN stations
29891 RTLS OMS prop dump I/L
29900 Change raline of DT_MAX
29902 3'3'2 I/L's 03/10/81 launch
29908 3'1'1 I/L's for RTLS profile
29914 ADTA RM trip level
29928 SSME and elevon poseteor limits - VU
29976 Ops 3 Mass imtialigation
39017 star tracker cals
39065 LO2 low-level cutoff times
39077 TACAN come of confusion
39078 TACAN antenna something
39085 PRTLS negative alpha
39097 3'3'2 I/L OMS tat and rel quat
39103 OMS RTLS prop dump
39104 S-turn energy live mod
39106 3'3'2 OMS tgt abort
39113 Entry GRTLS bendrary filter
39114 3'3'2 Mass changes

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