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15 Jan

Arnie: disp enhancemt community renew proposed 
total pkg assessmt
Ivy- post STS - 1 desireable, for R20 May-June is quite OK.

Gather all disp enhancement CR's til post STS-1 following SSD-FOD review/implement assmt.


GC initialized cluster WRT M50
goodness test btw IMU's to identify bad align compensn to test [[strikethrough]]enables[[/strikethrough]] allows lower GC thresholds
[[?]] higher probab of laundry w/ good aligns compensn derived from H_CAL_C
Present problems
Dont compensate Z body axis in H_CAL_C
LRU replcmt when vert=loss of compensn [[?]]higher tholds Cal_c pgm compensn errors excessive
Have to generate patches & patel [[?]]point with comp data w/o this change

To be approved for 20 following EH/RI coordn w/ high priority for move-up to 19 if poss

[[?]]H_CAL_C doesnt run long enough to filter out
Jim LECHER noise & errors
CO 8 GC calls same submodules & runs longer [[?]] more accurate
x3991 Run GC hong in OP[[?]] & rest on Pad to get 
Ron Wyrick comp for all 3 body axes (can't get vertical body axis - only tilt axes)