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Thorsen staff mtg

Whittle: Entry CG mgmt 1098.6 @ M3 achieved by blasery @EI
Flt tech sched'd 28th, 4th, 6th; Last before launch 
Manual takeover mtg w/Kraft on 14th Jan.

Bourgeors: Rel met R/W CR approved 15Jan81 OASCB
Abort throttle level CR approved 15/1/81 39132
[[Left Margin]] get w/ Dale on sched [[/Left Margin]]
Dol/Seasonal 1/c Δ's to be briefed to John/Crp next

Stongh: Flt 6 (SPAS) reads nav reqts subset definition talked
w/math-physics 15/1/81
By Mon → Thorsen wants renew of R19 absolute needed reqts - want
to pull any that doesn't support specfic P/L's flts 2-6
* FOD in-house mtg on this next wk; full working group
26th Jan.
(IBM nerf^ $$ manpower at issue)

Display enhancement action from OASCB - Monday mtg JO, KS, etc
R19 CR review - potential scrub items Monday mtg 2-3 pm

• MCCH- next door commanding
IMU DG witialgos whole-wd complementary 
testing was done w/ IMU's off. had full cmd capability

• STS-1 Ops 1 port moding capability possible they
canned DEV equaly. R/W's

• PBD closure - nelnde continuously purged on on pad; 14 psf on
wines doors = too high front on latches - wouldn't close.
-0.1 psi △P allowed closure!

• RTD fails (pwr supply) will give 100% Pe module - no yet fail deth
Rei 1,2 undetected QFP can leave 1-390 RCS @ lamdurg or help you (worst case)

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