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23 JAN

* 1. Star Tekr nTG - Blucker Ready. Monday w/ GROM, BLUCK, SHIRLEY

2. Ihu cal data on mass/main memory
       Grenu Neon to reunify what cals wrestles where Grullory to find out auf delts btw S/W available dusery STS-1 for and set support

3. RJD single-point failures ( Power supply fuel off, w/ Pc floated higl). Meeting 1000 today w/ Arnie

4. MCCH rent door problem- IBM comeback:
Deselect all IMU's will set reqel flay and start whole- word complementary (ATT_DG = 0 regid; see 16/1/81)

5. HUD - scrubbed back to ~840 was from 1300.
. Arnie accepted approach to land portion (- 300 wds)
. Rejected AUTOLAND portion - replicates vehicle autoland @ ~ 520 wds. Sperry told HUD guys it had to be done that way.
Got to simplify/reduce wds; if 200-300 wds, could swap it for @ cont ABORT desp et al.

* 6. SM-GNC msg ICC - OASCB 12 Feb
IBM now says our proposal only gives relief in SH ICC; new msgs not distributed btw SM-SSW-GNC

7.HQs cutting of all devel.$ for planetary 3-stg IUS's} goes to congress for app. go to Centaur's.
TDRSS still Z-stg IUS.

* 8. Get w/ Gallery to talk STS-2 constraints, procedures etc Tay-up Mon. to schedule