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27 Jan

SSD/Arnie meeting 1230 on R19 vs R20  1/442 [See below]

Bernie Suchoschi (FR) trying to scrub minor fields (GPC #'s) out of GPC-GPC overlay CR (39068)
Basis of ICC slots needed!

Stough called Baywell about his ICC slot CR (39144) get B & S coordinated
put words on 39144 about apportioning new ICC's?

IMU/NAV ΔV's - when is IMU ΔV used in which S/W modules, R18? 
call Butch Cockrell x3323?

Reviewed R19/R20 calls w/ Dale, Thorsen
IMU RM guys - all 3 linked; no hard stand u/u FOD.
Orbit Low Z pulse - MAND. 19
RJD toggle current - MAND 19

Entry controls disp. split
Alt elevor sched - MPAD saying only P/L reqt, no FTR!
RCS mated coast bending filter
P/L reqmts?
IMU guys.

Out of long sum:

BFS U/L doesn't work when on SEC [[^]]PL[[^]] MDM ports
Ops RCDR 2 cmd did something to RCDR 1 (Patch Set L)

PASS SPC U/L & exec dependent on sample time-seq.
struct of SPC buffer; lock up U/L in SM GPC if you mus - order buffer (no D/L of buffer content)

Transcription Notes:
I put any words I couldn't quite understand in parenthesis with a ?. Also if you have a better way to show that they use triangles rather than putting (triangle), please change it I'm not sure if 30 should be marked underline.