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24 Feb

SAIL starting first OSTA integr This week - R18

27 Feb
Gary Johnson call

a) STS - 2 PROMS - meet today w/Burghduff on sched.
RI memo out calling for 12 wks
Want to arrange for post-flight ∆'s off STS - 1

b) ∆1 On going to CCB next week to try moving Hyd ∆P
Transient H/W fix up to STS-2 (already approved for Flt 5)


DPS dict = Stan Daley + George Sculley

Ref data = Mack Robinson    X5871

Get G. Johnson/Dennis/Mack together an Mon.

STS - 2+ PROMS - Report on Burghduff's meeting

a) Final STS - 2 limits will go to RI - Martin @ L +2 wks of STS-1

b) FOD together currently-known ∆'s over next 2-3 wks & get prelim paper out

c) STS - 1 flt spare for OV-099 C & W says checks @PMD