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3 Mar

Conltas/Kuchero - CR data base

3 Level II term's = bldg 1 (6th fe) Data line KSC, 
+1 term 2nd fe.                     NSTL, MSFC. JSC
( = IMS Info mgmt service)          WSMR, RID

->  Kuchero to dig around on resources
• Word processor to go w/ sorter
• Check "fetch" capability of IMS (10-15 Junes, text, e.g.)
• Put on more specific sorts eg subsystem

-> CB Plans (HP sys) & personnel

KSC/RID can pull out MG repts in their terminals
MG can accept order by phone & prunt @ other loc

CB could maintain summary file, MG maunt status file
& merge foe repts

MG working seperate 18/11 DR file on IMS.

4 Mar update - 
Kuchera found current BARS sys is capable of handling text 0 inefficient CPU use, but 
apparently, no leruxts on # lines