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- Proposal to delete FRCS redline protection for OMS TK failures. FRCS DTO budget too high to hold 600#
. Thermal DTO, center FRCS jet 5x30sec firings} highest usage
. U[[?]]age burn for interconnect
- EVA to save RMS
MPAD pgm listing (dynamics, jettison) to Krans Mon.
- STS-2 [[Delta]]'s brief to be published next week.
- RMS + OSTA on STS-2 produces 4 wk slip (Sept 25)
Al Bishop @ mgmt council KSC today.
Yardley big on Aug 31 date to prove turnaround capability to USAF

- HUD autoland + cont abort delete CR's in mill
- Bending filter/alternate eleven issue going higher 
(Bl 1) via TK/JWY
- 2OTT CR's in:
1) correct VPP to compute R [[Delta]]R based on actual targeting option selected. Currently only calc's R based on nearest HAC, short-way-around.
2) Hook up grid for pwrd flt tgts to whatever RWY
& approach option (overhd, straight-m...) is sel'd.

||- PS 10, 11 release slipped to 3/17
||- R18.12/11.2 now 2/6/15
||- 18.13 = STS-3; 18.14 = STS-4

1 April - Arne, Aaron on R19 planning