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SMS funny: HYOP = Ø, no ↓ beside PRL SYS 2 on spec 51(MM301)
Stokes MM. has the action

•Arnie getting Rota bref Tues/Wed

•TACAN technique now w/tight(3 Mi > 100k; 1 mi < 100k)
Δ state update; post-blackout errors < 1 mi will
never use TACAN.
Whether drafting new MSN rule

•SAIL Δstates to BFS- didn't get into BFS when COMPARE
item selected; got PFS xfr instead
procedural hassles w/ A/G coordination

•Bourgeors/F. Hughes to work SAIL & SMS occurrences of 
SSME fuel depth or single-eny outs & Rota aborts
Eng model? Mixture ratio?