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STS-1 debrief notes

*Several momentary HYD [[?]] W's @ staging or MECO 
(see webb timeline)

*MPS alarms- btw dump [[?]] OMS-1
L engine due to leak
reg P drops off dustom of regs- [[?]] ?

*FE alarm in SSME bucket

Comm OK @ 1/2 level on ascent
Exceeded 3T range safety lines with [[?]]
Activity quite (feasible [[strikethrough]] sta[[?]] to M14
ascent BUS TLE possible
saw max ~24 KN (when cryo liters ON)
* delete HTRS on if clw fixed 
11 kft high @ sta[[?]]; 5 nm high @ MECO 

Can't hear alt PRCS (can feel them); FWD PRCS like cannons!
No VECS aural cues
OMS - soft start, smooth
MPS dump effects [[?]]
can't see OMS firings from AFD 
* [[?]] sys stinks
MPS stow causes vehicle chattering vibern-bells step @ 1%
*MPS ULL P alerts maybe good clue that umbilical plate sep
has occurred

[[underline]] FUEL CELLS [[underline]] - [[^]]auto[[^]] purge seq fails flow rates & O2 purge [[written below]]360 vs 300 limit [[written below]] Ln T checks

[[underline]]Truly[[underline]]: get auto seq out
go manual-do only 2/day.
[[double underline]]SMS bad[[double underline]] on: FES activation; dump line heating time;
sep cues (SRB & ET); lighting
IMU/ST/COAS super; COAS highly repeatable dispite kicking it