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Use TACAN for SU update?
APU’s patch vehicle @ D/O : w/ DAP = 0.2°/s sot 0.5°/s
can see Aft RCS flashes near EI
[ionig?] started ~330k. 
~Q=14 } : B pegged @ max bank for 1st roll; 6/sec.
 225k }    subsequent roll rehersals OK

Storage a pain - need spare lockers
Deceleration most noticable M3->M1

OPS 8 - can feel ports popping

Teleprinter generates long, useless lead-in message; delete it
need trashbag snaps near printer

WCS- replace door w/ small curtain if needed(who cares?)

HLEvap gives Y,R tonquing   R:Y~2:1

Gear down time shorter than SMS