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Book No. | TITLE 9 Nov 81 

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Kelso about CCTV requirements for OIT
Fwd bulkhead cameras for PDP sep; afts for IECM
Estimate ~30min tape time per sep test
R/T at LCC consoles desired
⟶ Orbiter or GSE VTR?
⟶ OPF OTV available?
First (only!)look at PDP guides/cues as orbiter CCTV will see them inflight.

Called Wil Etbauer to get status of FOD CCTV inputs & some OPF facilities info.

OMI's of interest
[[strikethrough]]S0001 OIT[[/strikethrough]]
S0007 Countdown
S0008 SIT (w/DIT runs)
S00010 Plugs out
S00017 Dry CDDT
S1007 IECM post-install. verif [[verify]]
1008 IECM ops
V 5040 IECM install
1167 T-O I/F CK
1166 Data tape test
1137 OEX DATE functional
V 5015 Vertical Stowage
5017 Horiz. Stowage
S0027 WSMR

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