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17 Nov 81

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12/2 pub date for early Jan test

Gene Thomas -
(1) S0001 deletion will appear on schedules tomorrow.
COMM sys orbit config to be pwrd [[powered]] up in S0031
* CAP is guideline for S0031
∴ CCTV, RMS, Cure Pump, orbit comm to be up
need to ad MCDS checks to S0031; OMS/RCS HTRS?
(2) S0002 No reqmt [[requirement]] for MCC-H elemts that aren't POCC
∴ no Ops 1, 3 reqmts [[requirements]]
will be standalone OMI scheduled closely after S0031
to cover poss. failure of POCC s/w to support a S0002

OMI Structure
Will restructure seq 8-13-14 handoffs such that Hagardow
ops preps are in 8 & all latch/unlatch are in 13,14.

Attempting to make CARGO TEST OMI's generic & not evidently
definitive of the P/L (so no deft NASA to DOD P/L's)

1) Verify pallet cooling is self - contained; orbiter switching to Freon 114
2) Review POP & CAP for correct on-orbit config; verify
next S0031 tests to this (comm, TV, circ pumps, MCDS...)
3) Verify OSS/5 - Bd FM I/F
4)Review P/L & RMS pwr interfaces
5) Burrow OSS-1 GSFC Flt Sys Doc from A^2 or Roo.
6) CCTV - VTR: Is onboard VTR reqd if GSE/Firing Rm VTR

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