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Great Barrington,Mass., October 16,1911.

Mr.Gaston Migeon,
C/O Musee du Louvre,
Paris, France.

Dear Migeon:

It was very good of you, dear friend, to send me good wishes under date of September 28th, which have reached me here in the Berkshire Hills, where I am still trying to get back my old time strength. My health is returning gradually, but as yet I am not allowed to do much of anything except to enjoy this beautiful country and its fine air. I do not expect to do much of any work until the coming of the new year. 

The loss of Mona Lisa is extraordinary, and I can understand how terribly all art lovers in France must feel. I hope, however, that the picture is safe, quite unharmed, and will be restored to the Musee. Surely. no one would be bad enough to injure the picture, and it will surely get back home again some day.

You must have before you a lot of work in cataloging and arranging to display your great collection of far Eastern art. I am most anxious to see it, and hope that next year may find me well enough to revisit Paris.

With all good wishes to yourself and Mrs. Migeon, believe me,
Very sincerely your friend,