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[[strikethrough]] Once in [[/strikethrough]] During the last 5 months, the average attendance is 35 women during the same time 549 garments have been made. 285 have been sold in payment of labor, 25 given away 178 have been sold for cash, and 180 are now on hand, "No Laundry established in connection with the school bids fair to be an important and remunerative branch of the enterprise. Indeed it already more than pays expenses) I herewith forward Mrs Barnard's reports [[strikethrough]] her school for the operation of [[/strikethrough]] the Industrial school for the past 5 months.[[strikethrough]] [[?]] is so [[/strikethrough]] more Industrial Schools are needed & [[strikethrough]] more [[/strikethrough]] [[?]] are willing [[?]] [[?]] Buildings are provided, two Buildings have been planned [[strikethrough]] for school [[/strikethrough]] for sole purposes. [[strikethrough]] Purposes [[/strikethrough]] during the month but neither are yet moved upon land [[strikethrough]] provided [[/strikethrough]] prepared for them. [[strikethrough]] The Buildings are [[/strikethrough]] One is a small building for Teachers Quarters near For Wagner. the other is the Yally Misses [[strikethrough]] Building [[/strikethrough]] Home on A S Hosp, [[strikethrough]] One of the Sch [[/strikethrough]] One of the Sub reports "it has been found necessary to reduce the numbers in some of our schools for the want of proper accommodations" and another speaks of scholars sent away for want of room The need for more [[strikethrough]] room [[/strikethrough]] Buildings especially in Georgetown & on the Island is very great. 5 new applications for Buildings or Teachers or Books have been received [[strikethrough]] on [[/strikethrough]] during Nov [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] from localities [[strikethrough]] where L [[/strikethrough]] in the neighboring county where schools are much needed, [[strikethrough]] scholars [[/strikethrough]] they will soon be in operation in some of these places. The people in the county are very anxious for schools & seem willing to do all in their