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33 Ferry Avenue
Detroit, Mich., October 29, 1907.

Dear Mr. Nomura:-

During my recent trip to Europe, your letters of August 20th and September 19th, were received, also the two shipments, one consisting of the Makimone from Governor Saisho and the wood Buddah from Mr. Hara and the two Kakemono formerly owned by Viscount Fukuoka. which you sent on approval. The articles were received in good condition and were passed through the custom house promptly after their receipt.  Of course, if I had been at home or if my office had known in time concerning the two Kakemono, they could have been held in the custom house for my examination after my return. but your letter explaining why they were sent reached here too late to prevent the payment of duty. However, the matter of duty is all right and I will cheerfully stand it.

Since my return to Detroit, which occurred only a few days ago, I have had many guests and numerous things to do, but within a few days, I shall be able to examine the two Kakamomo you sent on approval and to decide whether or not to buy them. I cannot judge accurately concerning their quality at the present time.

One of my recent guests was Mr. M. Masada, of Tokio, who was on his way to Japan and stopped off one day in which to see my collection. He is a very charming man: was most kind to