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me during my stay in Kioto and I regret that his visit here could not have been longer.

I note your reference to Tamai's bronze Buddha and of course I am willing to give you all the time you need to secure possession of the object, but I cannot understand why he fails to deliver it. At the time you sent me your original cablegram the bronze must have been yours, and if he is a man of honor he certainly should have long since delivered it, but whether he is honorable or not, you can surely compel him legally to deliver what he sold you, however, do not consider that I am finding fault. I am simply telling [[strikethrough]] them [[/strikethrough]] the facts as they appear to me.

Believe me,with best wishes.

Yours very sincerely,
Charles L. Freer

Mr. Samurai Shokai-Yozo Nomura,
Yokohama, Japan.