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915 Union Trust Building,
Detroit, Michigan,
December 4th, 1908.

Dear Mr. Wooley-

The committee appointed by the governors of the Yondotega Club, to enclose the pergola and porch, have engaged Messrs. Smith, Hinchman & Grylls, to supervise the work and good progress is now being made. We hope to have the place in readiness for our new New Year's dinner, so the work is being pushed as rapidly as possible. The committee has been informed, that during your late visit here, you kindly volunteered to present our club, with the radiators required for heating the pergola and porch. This is a most generous offer on your part, and I can assure you is appreciated, by every member of the club. I beg to enclose herewith, a letter from our architects, setting forth the number and kind of radiators required. If it is your pleasure to furnish these, will you kindly have them sent to our club, or give us an order on your Works here for them.

Believe me, with kindest regards,

Very sincerely yours,
Charles L. Freer
of the Committee.

Mr. Clarence M. Wooley,
C/o The American Radiator Co.,
282 Michigan Avenue,
Chicago, Ills.

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