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33 Ferry Avenue, East,
Detroit, Michigan,
December 5th, 1908.

Dr. Tanius Girgis,

Dear Sir-

Your letter of November 1tth, is received and read with pleasure. I am interested in knowing of the antiquities recently discovered, and now in your possession. Whenever the photographs are ready, I shall be glad to receive copies of them, which will, I know, help me to understand the nature of the objects referred to.
Now, concerning the gun which you have asked me to buy, I must tell you, that because of the wide variety of guns made in America, I am not sure of the sort best suited to your requirements. I suppose, you wish the gun for shooting birds and small game, and that it should be a shot-gun, not a rifle. In order that you may understand the prices of guns in this country, and the various styles made, I am sending you, under separate cover, an illustrated catalogue of the guns made by The Hunter Arms Company, of Fulton, N.Y. These guns, I am told, are very reliable and as good as any made, any where. The price of the guns is marked in 

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