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Mr. Girgis,

pencil, below the illustrations, and they run -

$25.00 $35.25 $45.00 $60.00
75.00 93.75 112.50 150.00
273.75 292.50 550.00 each.

These prices, are without automatic ejectors, which can be applied to any gun for $10.00 extra. Should you wish a gun with a single trigger, such trigger can be applied to any gun for $25.00 extra. Now, I think, with the aid of the catalogue, you can select the kind of gun you want, and if you will write me which one of these guns you would like, telling whether you want the single trigger attached, and the automatic ejector, I can have the gun made to suit you. You must also, write me for what purpose you intend to use the gun.

Believe me,

Yours very truly,
Charles L. Freer

In figuring the cost of these guns, please bear in mind, that $5.00 of American money equals one pound sterling, English money, so, if you should order one of the guns known as No.2, which is marked $60.00, it would cost you without the ejector, or single trigger, twelve pounds sterling.

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