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33 Ferry Avenue, East,
Detroit, Michigan,
December 5th,1908.

My dear Barr-

Your good letter of November 20th, is received, and fully noted. I am glad to know, that you are to be in this vicinity some time during the present month, and, I hope,that you will favor us with a visit here. I am planning to be in Detroit, practically all of this winter, and I should be very glad indeed to have an old-time chat with you, when we can discuss to our heart's content, the fortunes we should have made in our joint real estate transactions in Florida. No, there is not the slightest chance of my going to St. Augustine this winter, nor any other in the future, I hope. Florida, is the least interesting part of the world known to me - in fact, the abandoned swamps of Ceylon, are in comparison, much more attractive, because, of the animal and bird life which is found there, and I feel your daughter Laura,in choosing India as a place of future residence, has done wisely in getting about as far east of Florida as possible. 

I have not yet seen very much of the Pennell book, the few glances I have given to the text, has convinced me, that it is about as rubbishing a mess of stuff, as I have seen between book covers. Have you read it?

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