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33 Ferry Avenue, East,
Detroit, Michigan,
December 5th, 1908.

Dear Mr. Way-
Your kind note of November 25th, is received, and I am glad to know of the shipment of the "Steve Manuel" portrait. 
In looking over the little list of expenses, I find, that you did not include the cost of the consular invoice - ten shillings, so, I have added it to the statement you sent. It now totals four pounds, three shillings, and I have pleasure in enclosing herein a check for the amount, payable to your order.
The charges seem to me very reasonable indeed, and I am deeply obliged to you for your kind attention to the matter.
Believe me, 
Very sincerely yours,
Charles L. Freer

Tom. R. Way, Esq.,
110 Regent's Park Road, N.W.
London, England.

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