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33 Perry Avenue, East,
Detroit, Michigan,
December 5th,1908.

My dear Mrs. Fenollosa-
I have your good letter, containing a copy of your communication of November 25th, to Mr. Richards, and I am wondering, if he has recovered from the cyclone.  I have read and reread with great interest, your wonderful letter, and while at first, it seemed rather an injudicious move on your part, the more I have thought of the matter, the deeper my conviction is, that you followed the wisest course. He is evidently the kind of a man who needed just the sort of a "knock-out" blow which you gave him. I shall be curious to know its effect upon him, in any event, you have demonstrated the fact, that if there is to be a battle, you are abundantly able to take care of yourself.
I am much interested too, in all that you wrote concerning your son Alan, and his romance.  The news, too, concerning the little fortune which is to come to your daughter later, is good to know. It must be most gratifying to you, to look forward with so little worry to the future of your children. My slight acquaintance with them both, has been very charming, and, with you, I am wishing them all sorts of good luck in the future. 

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