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the Institution, or the Government, and myself. I have no doubt that the Counsel representing both parties will desire that a document in legal form shall be prepared and executed by the parties. No time is fixed by the letter for the meeting of Counsel or for the preparation of any such document. In view of the necessity, as it seems to me, of having the descriptive inventory printed, I think it will be well to delay the formal execution of any document that may be necessary until this descriptive inventory, which I presume will necessarily be a part of the document, in about in it's final printed form. In view of the assurances given me by the printer, I think it will be feasable for Counsel to meet as early as the twentieth day of April for a conference on this subject.

It is the desire of the Institution as well as myself, I presume, that the preparation and execution of this document shall not be delayed unnecessarily, and I suggest, therefore, that you confer with the Counsel representing the Institution or the Government in the transaction, and advise me whether the date, approximately the twentieth of April, will be satisfactory. 

Very sincerely yours,

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